Results Page and League table

These are the five clubs having matches

Hatfield BC, Parkside BC, Shire Park BC, Welwyn & District BC & Welwyn Garden City BC celebration Welwyn Garden City reaching 100 years old in 2020. This will be an annual competition.

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3 mixed triples (with any combination of men/women over the 3 triples playing on each occasion.)

10-Jun-21Welwyn Garden CityAway10:00Score, Table, Match report.
22-Jun-21ParksideAway10:30Score, Table, Match report.
22-Jul-21Shire ParkHome10:00 Score, Table, Match report.
31-Aug-21Welwyn &  DistrictHome10:00
18-May-21Welwyn Garden CityHome10:30Score, Table, Match report.
22-Jun-21HatfieldHome10:30Score, Table, Match report.
9-Jul-21Shire ParkAway10:00 Score, Table, Match report.
20-Jul-21Welwyn &  DistrictAway10:00 Score, Table, Match report.
9-Jul-21ParksideHome10:00 Score, Table, Match report.
21-Jul-21Welwyn &  DistrictHome10:00 Score, Table, Match report.
22-Jul-21HatfieldAway10:00 Score, Table, Match report.
24-Aug-21Welwyn Garden CityAway10:00 Score, Table, Match report.
20-Jul-21ParksideHome10:00 Score, Table, Match report.
21-Jul-21Shire ParkAway10:00 Score, Table, Match report.
17-Aug-21Welwyn Garden CityAway10:00 Score, Table, Match report.
18-May-21ParksideAway10:30Score, Table, Match report.
10-Jun-21HatfieldHome10:00Score, Table, Match report.
17-Aug-21Welwyn &  DistrictAway10:00Score, Table, Match report.
24-Aug-21Shire ParkHome10:00Score, Table, Match report.


Clubs: Hatfield; Parkside; Shire Park; Welwyn and District; and Welwyn Garden City.

Trustees of the Trophy

Welwyn Garden City Centenary Foundation

Organising Committee: One member of each Club and members of the Welwyn Garden City Centenary Foundation


In the first instance as part of the Welwyn Garden City Centenary Celebrations; in subsequent years to commemorate the first 100 years and as an ongoing legacy of the 100 year Celebrations.

Rules of the Competition

It will be run on a Triples League Basis.

  • Each Club will play each of the other Clubs with one match of 3 mixed triples (with any combination of men/women over the 3 triples playing on each occasion.)
  • Matches are to be arranged between the Clubs themselves to be played between the start and end of the outdoor season each year.
  • Matches normally played mid-week (Monday-Friday) mornings or afternoons to suit the two Clubs playing.
  • Home and away will be alternate years for each match between each Club.  With six Clubs involved that means five matches each year.
  • Agreed Home Club each year to confirm match details and provide basic hospitality-i.e. tea/biscuits.


  • Postponed matches to be re-arranged by two Clubs involved as soon as possible before the end of the season.
  • Matches are to be of three triples, and all played at one venue.
  • Standard 2 trial ends and then 18 ends played.
  • Minimum of 12 ends (per rink) counts as game completed in the event of bad weather.
  • Toss for the mat on each rink.
  • 2 points for a win on each rink (1 for a draw)
  • 4 points for a win overall (across the 3 rinks) (2 for an overall draw) v Thus 10 points total for each match.
  • If a Club is one rink short then other Club gains 2 points for that missing rink plus 5 shots to their overall score.
  • Club with most number of points over 5 games will be the winner.
  • In the event of 2 Clubs having the same number of points-then highest overall shots score (i.e total for less total against) would determine.
  • In the event of 2 Clubs still being drawn then Club with most winning rinks would determine.
  • Competition will produce result card for each game showing.
    • Scores on each rink.
    • Points awarded.
    • Signed by both teams.

Card is to be posted to the Competition Secretary after the match