Welwyn Hatfield Borough Bowls Tournament BOWLS CHALLENGE TROPHY – Rules


  1. Northaw & Cuffley
  2. Parkside
  3. Shire Park
  4. Welwyn and District
  5. Welwyn Garden City

Trustees of the Trophy

Welwyn Garden City Centenary Foundation.

Organising Committee:

The committee will be made up of 1 representative from each participating club. 

By rotation, each club will organise & run the competition for 1 year. The club’s representative, organising the competition for the year, will act as chairperson, should a committee meeting be necessary.


In the first instance as part of the Welwyn Garden City Centenary Celebrations; in subsequent years as an ongoing Welwyn Hatfield Borough Bowls Tournament

Rules of the Competition

It will be run on a Triples League Basis.

  1. Each Club will play each of the other Clubs with one match of 3 mixed triples, with each rink being mixed triples.
  2. Matches are to be arranged between the Clubs themselves; the initial guide will be given by the organising Club and aim to include matches for all clubs in May, June, July and August.
  3. Matches are normally played midweek (Monday-Friday) mornings or afternoons to suit the two Clubs playing.
  4. Home and away will be alternate years for each match between each Club.  With six Clubs involved, that means five matches each year.
  5. Agreed Home Club each year to confirm match details and provide basic hospitality-i.e. tea/biscuits.
  6. Postponed matches to be re-arranged by two Clubs involved as soon as possible before the end of August.
  7. Matches are to be of three mixed triples and all played at one venue.
  8. Standard 2 trial ends and then 18 ends played.
  9. A minimum of 12 ends (per rink) counts as a game completed in the event of bad weather.
  10. Toss for the mat at the start of the match (the team winning the toss can either choose to take the mat or give it away).
  11. 2 points for a win on each rink (1 for a draw)
  12. 2 points for a win overall (across the 3 rinks) (2 for an overall draw), thus, 8 points total for each match.
  13. If a Club is one rink short or there is a rink not mixed, the other Club  gains 2 points for that missing rink plus 5 shots to their overall score.
  14. The Club with the most number of points over 6 matches will be the winner.
  15. In the event of 2 Clubs having the same number of points-then the highest overall shots score (i.e total for less total against) would determine.
  16. In the event of 2 Clubs still being drawn, then Club with the most winning rinks would determine.
  17. All clubs should aim to have a mixture of experienced and less experienced or new members, with an aim to give the new members a steppingstone to the more competitive leagues and competitions
  18. All clubs will invite and encourage ALL their members to participate in these matches.
  19. The competition will produce a result card for each game showing.
    1. Scores on each rink.
    2. Points awarded.
    3. Signed by both teams.
  20. The card is to be photographed/scanned and emailed to the nominated Competition Secretary (from the organising Club) after the match; this year, 2023, send the results to Chris Moore at admin@welwynandhatfield.co.uk