C 1. The league shall be arranged in two (2) divisions ,each Club / League-Team playing the other Clubs / League teams
In their respective divisions twice per season, home and away.
Each match is of two (2) Triples per playing side playing 18 ends.
A total of six (6) points will be awarded for each match; two (2) points for each winning triple, one (1) point each for
each drawn triple and two (2) points for winning the match or three (3) points each for a drawn match.
C 2. League fixtures will be drawn up and agreed upon at a Pre-Season Fixture meeting to be held in February
attended by all Club / League-Team Representatives. These matches to be arranged on mid-week evenings between
May 1st and Finals weekend.
C 3. A Club / League Team requesting a change of fixture must give the opposing Club / League-Team at least forty
eight (48) hours notice. The two (2) Clubs / League-teams must then agree an alternate date for the match to be
played on. If this not possible the match points will be awarded to the non-offending Club / League-Team.
If a match is interrupted or postponed the two (2) Clubs / League-Teams shall agree an alternate date for the match
to be finished or played and notify the Fixture Secretary accordingly. When a match is uncompleted, the number of
ends played shall be the starting point at its resumption. One (1) substitute player per Club / League-Team may be
allowed upon resumption; if more than one (1) of the original participants is not available then the match will start
from end one (1) again.
C 4. A Club / League-Team fails to fulfil a fixture, it will be deducted two (2) points and ten (10) shots from their
current totals. Six (6) points and ten (10) shots will be awarded to the opposing Club / League-Team.
Should that Club/ League-Team fail to fulfil a fixture for a second time it will be deducted a further six (6) points
and ten (10) shots their current totals.
C 5. A Club / League-Team shall be deemed not to have fulfilled a fixture if its six (6) players are not present and ready
to play within fifteen (15) minutes of the agreed start time. If a Club / League-Team fails to turn up for a second time
it will be issued with a written warning. Should it happen on a third occasion the Club / League-Team will be
suspended from the League for the rest of the season and will have to apply, in writing for re-admission at which
time any application from a new Club / League-Team would take priority.
If a First Division Club / League-Team is suspended any re-admission would be into the Second Division.
C 6. Before each game both League-Teams will write the names of their players on to scorecards. The visiting side will
pair up the score cards and determine which rink each game will take place on. The result of the match will later be
entered on to the result card, including the Team and Players names, and signed by both Captains. The result card
will then be posted or e-mailed to the League Secretary by the Home Captain.

C 7 Evening matches will start at 6.00pm, or at another mutually agreed time.
C 8. Should a Club / League-Team resign from or suspended from the League before completing its fixtures the results
of matches in which it has already participated will be ignored for the purpose of determining League placings.
C 9. The winners of the Leagues, who will hold the trophy for one year, will be the Club / League-team gaining the
highest number of points. If two (2) Clubs / League-Teams, or more, are level on points the one with the bigger
difference between shots for and shots against shall be declared the winner. If this action does not result in an
outright winner it will be decided on which Club / League-Team has scored the most shots.
C 10. The League will engrave the trophies which will be presented to the winning teams at the A.G.M.