Oh Ladies running club can be contacted for further details via their website or their open Facebook page for up to date information on their weekly running schedules, that are changing due to Covid restrictions.

Their award-winning, friendly club began life after a chance meeting of runners in Hatfield Park in 2013 and has steadily grown in membership while maintaining its aim of women supporting other women to be the best they can.

Oh Ladies caters for all levels from beginners pulling on a pair of running shoes for the first time, to seasoned marathon runners.

Their qualified leaders offer a wide range of different sessions such as ‘New to Running’ courses, ‘Boot Camp’ and ‘Kids’ Club,  all of which combine fitness with fun (no really – the two can go together!).

Oh Ladies runs sessions most days at various locations around Hatfield and Welwyn Garden so please go along and run with them.

New to running or an experienced runner you will be welcomed and supported by both the club leaders and other members.

If you would like to join our club and have any membership queries, please email our membership secretary Sam Dellaway at joinus@ohladies.co.uk

Beginners/Back to Running

This group starts with the basics and follows a 5km plan to slowly and safely build up to a 5k Park Run and continuous running for 30-40 minutes in a safe supportive group environment. You will have 2 trained and insured leaders hosting the group, taking you through warm-ups, the main session and cool down. It lasts for about an hour and can be done at your own pace so really is suitable for everyone. This is ideal for new joiners or those returning to running after a break.


This is the natural next step from beginners/back to running sessions and a great goal to progress to. You’ll run a little farther, a little quicker and break down the mental barriers that may have formed. You will have completed or been working towards completing your 5k and getting more comfortable with running for 30-40 minutes. From here you can begin to develop your pace and strength and start looking towards your next goal, a 5k or 10k race, a half marathon or a full marathon. If you set the intention we will support you through your journey. It doesn’t matter if you run an 8 minute mile or a 14 minute mile it’s about pushing yourself to improve time or distance, and if you really want to be pushed just ask, but be careful what you wish for.


These sessions are usually targeted towards a specific event that members may be training for and will be a challenging run, designed to be tough and run at your threshold. This is what helps to build speed and endurance. This session is still very friendly and welcoming however there isn’t much breath left for a chat! If you are unsure if this is suitable for you, please just ask the leader. Chances are, it will be!

Early morning Fun Club

We call it ‘Fun Club’ because its funny that so many of us get up so early to go running. We usually run 3-4 miles at this session. Routes are generally around Stanborough and the Birchwood area. We always leave at 6am sharp as it is so early in the morning and many of us have children to get back to and jobs to get ready for!  It might be tough to get up, but its a great time of day to run. You simply will never regret going to fun club.

Group Run

This really is what it says on the tin. A mixture of ladies going out as a group, generally at least 5 miles, but there is always an option to cut it short or make it longer, and the focus of this run is a social relaxed pace enjoying the company and the route. There will always be some slower runners and some quicker runners, but you will never be left on your own or pressured to do more than you are capable of. We usually buddy up with a runner of similar pace and head out as a group and always finish as a group. There really is no harm in turning up and seeing where the run takes you.

Boot Camp

We offer a two types of Boot Camp, one is family boot camp where children are welcome to join in the session and the content is suitable for all to join in. The second type of boot camp is not for the faint hearted, as it is designed to test limits and build strength and endurance. Its not easy, but it is hugely rewarding, fun and we are all in it together! If you are unsure if this is for you, just get in touch with the leader to discuss the session. Pushing yourself outside of your comfort pit is an amazing feeling.

Oh Kids Club

Kids club is not an athletics club, its about having fun and getting fit with your children. We do a variety of activities each week and each week is different. Activities can include a run, a hill session and we play lots of fun games and often ask for the kids input as to what they would like to do. We recommend kids club for children aged 7 and up, however you know your child best and are responsible for them at the session so its up to you to decide whether it is suitable for you and your child. Come and give it a try!


We are very pleased to offer Yoga for runners at a discounted rate as part of your membership of the Oh! Ladies Running Club. Sessions are 1hr 15mins and each time we focus on a different aspect of our body or mind. Many of the poses are used in the warm up or cool down of the run sessions and our classes are the perfect place to practice them. Yoh!ga is taught by Josie Yoga and these classes are exclusive to Oh! members.

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