Real Tennis At Hatfield House

Learn how to play the oldest racket sport in the world.

If you would like to have a go at the oldest racket sport, Hatfield House is very fortunate to host one of only 27 active, Real Tennis courts in the UK (54 in the world).

Real Tennis is an entirely different sport to ‘normal’ (lawn) tennis. The game is played by using solid handmade balls and wooden rackets. You play the game on a stone floor court, surrounded by walls and sloping roofs, that you can hit the ball off while rallying over the net. Real Tennis is the original tennis game and is a combination of tennis and squash—but it is very different from how you know these two sports today. Modern-day tennis and squash are simplified versions and direct descendants of the game. With the advancement in tennis and squash equipment over the years, they are now nothing alike.

Real Tennis originated in France and is the first-ever racket sport introduced and popularised, in the UK, by Henry VIII—after building the first-ever court in England at Hampton Court Palace.

If you would like to have a go at the oldest racket sport in the world—and join many others who are playing this unique sport—please get in touch with the Hatfield House Real Tennis Club. They are currently offering a subsidised package of introductory lessons for people interested in taking up a new sport and challenge!

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